Top 10 High Budgeted Flop Movies

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Although big budget means great movies, it is not always true. Even big budgeted movies can turn out to be bigger flops. A movie must have the right mix to ensure its success, the right story, right actors and the right presentation. In fact if all these factors are placed properly, even a low budget movie can attract great reviews from its audiences and critics. Huge budgets do not guarantee huge hits. There have been many high budgeted films which have banged at the box office. Given below is a top 10 high budgeted flop movies.


1. Water World:

This was the most expensive films of the 90s starring Kevin Costner. The film received mixed reviews from its audience. The audience was hopeful that a film starring Kevin Costner would be a great epic to watch, however it did not fulfil their expectations. However with a budget of approximate 175 million dollars it was able to gross a total of $ 116.8 million.


2. Speed 2:

Cruise Control: Speed 2 made in 1997 was a sequel to Speed which was made in 1994 with a budget which was four times to that of the first part at approximate $160,000,000. The film opened with very bad collections at the box office. It won the award for the worst sequel or remake at the 18th Golden Raspberry Awards and was also nominated in the negative for eight other categories.


3. Stealth:

Another science fiction that turns out to be a big flop at the box office. Although the movie was full of fighter planes, robotic planes and a lot of action in the air which was shot on actual aircraft carriers, it failed to gather attention of the public and the critics. The movie was made with a budget of approximately 135 million dollars. Its worldwide sales came to almost $76,932,872 only. In fact it was considered as one of the biggest flops release by Columbia Pictures in the year 2005.


4. Cut-Throat Island:

This movie is based on the journey of a pirate to Cut Throat Island, to find hidden treasure. The high expectations were shattered when the movie released. It is considered a huge big budget flop at the box office. It was such a disaster that its name was mentioned in the Guinness Book of World Records as the biggest box office flop of all times. The estimated budget was 92 million dollars but its collections at the U.S. box office were only around 11 million dollars.


5. The Adventures of Pluto Nash:

This film was supposed to be a comedy based on science fiction, but it turned out to be a tragedy at the box office. It was considered to be the worst flop of all times. It had a whooping budget of 100 million dollars out of which it was able to recover approximately $ 7.1 million. After watching the movie people actually wondered, why the budget was so high for such a shabbily made movie.


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