Top 10 Most Widely Practiced Dance Styles Across The Globe

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Dance is an art where the body moves to the rhythm of some music. Some people dance because it is their profession, some because it is their hobby and some dance just for fun. Just like the various reasons people dance for, there are various kinds of dances practiced all over the world. There are special kinds of dances for festivals, different ones for weddings and other occasions and another variety as a part of performing arts. Although these dance forms were born in a certain region or a country, today most of them are practiced throughout the world. Given below is such a list of top 10 most widely practiced dance styles across the globe.


1. Salsa:

The dance salsa has its origin in Cuba. Like the name suggests it is a hot spicy form of dancing. Some also call it the dance of passion. It involves a lot of body and hip shaking. It is very simple and anyone can learn it within no time. It mainly involves dancing on three beats and pausing on one and then dancing again. This dance has spread to all the corners of the world to the Americas, Europe and even Asia. There are classes in each and every country which suggests the popularity of this dance form, worldwide.


2. Hip hop:

Hip hop dance is a growing rage in the world today. It originated as a part of the hip hop culture in the 1970s. It is especially a growing profession among troupes rather than individuals. It has got a lot of recognition through many films and videos played on the internet. There are many competitions held through many countries. It is not just a means of entertaining one, but has also become a means of livelihood for many.


3. Tap Dancing:

This form of dance is a mixture of many styles. It is a blend of African drums, English dance, Irish step dancing and Swing. This was first performed by slaves a long time ago. It was in the 1900s that this style became popular. It won place in movies and in Broadway shows. Although it had begun with lot of objections from the African-American community, It is very popular among them today.


4. Ballet:

The origins of this dance can be found in the beautiful country of Italy. It then spread to France where it flourished during the rule of King Louis XIV, who was a great connoisseur of dance himself. Today it is a dance loved by people all over the globe. There are ballet dance academies in many countries which are training the young and the old in this dance form. Apart from the dance style it is also the opportunities available in ballet as a professional dance that attracts many to it.


5. Belly Dancing:

Belly dancing started as an art form but today it has developed more as a fitness dance that provides a beautifully shaped body. The best part of this dance is that it can be done on any kind of music. Apart from dance schools it can be easily learnt through videos available on the internet too. Not only belly dancing is fun, it provides a lot of health benefits as well.


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