Top 10 Ideas For How To Impress Your Girlfriend

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It is often said that men are from Mars whilst women are from Venus. This has mainly been based on the different thought processes that both the sexes have. Men and women have different schools of thoughts and this is evident in our everyday life. For example, supposedly a man and a woman were to be asked of their opinion on love and marriage, each will give a varying view. In addition, men tend to focus on one thing at a time whereas women prefer to multitask.

It is for this reason that men find it difficult to impress a woman. Women’s expectations are far different from those of men. For instance, when a man is buying a gift for his girlfriend, he has to think deeply as each gift has a meaning attached to it. The message portrayed when you take a woman out for a romantic evening and then gifting her with an expensive jewelry is different from that when you take her out for a casual lunch. Therefore, if you want to add a flavor to your relationship with your girlfriend, it is important that you know how to impress her. Being able to make your girlfriend to forgive you for coming home late or for forgetting her birthday will hinge on how well you can melt her heart.

The following are top ten ways through which you can impress your girlfriend.


1. Jewelry:

Jewelry is guaranteed to work whenever or wherever. However, not just any kind of jewelry should be purchased as a gift item. It is vital to give some thought to the type of jewelry you would like to buy as each has a meaning attached to it. If you are not yet in too deep into the relationship then you can buy something simple like silver. But, if you are planning on taking things to another level, then diamond is guaranteed to send the message home. One thing is for sure, women are suckers for jewelry and as such you can never go wrong. Try as much as possible to steer away from earrings and rings. Bracelets or necklace will impress her greatly without putting her in suspense with what your gift meant to her.


2. Clothes:

Clothes can also be a great way to impress your girlfriend. These may range from lingerie to a scarf. Sweaters and pajamas are always on point when looking for linen to give as a present. Unknown to some men is that ladies love watching sports. It is the only way that a majority of ladies get to bond with their men during the weekend. Therefore, buy for her a jersey for her favorite sports team or simply a sweatshirt with a logo on it. Embarrassing moments can be avoided by making sure you have the correct size. Women do not appreciate gift certificates. Getting to know a woman’s size is not that difficult. All you have to do is get an article on her clothing when she is in the kitchen or bathroom.


3. Trip for two:

If you would like to spend some quality time with your girlfriend, then a trip for two to a quite getaway will not be such a bad idea. This will not only enable the two of you to relax but also bond. Destination will depend on so many factors, for example, her preference, time of the year, budget and distance.


4. Music:

Everybody loves music. If your girlfriend drives a lot either to work or while running errands, you would not want her to be bored in her car. Therefore, why not make a point and fix for her a satellite radio. In addition, take the responsibility of ensuring that the subscription is paid monthly.


5. Technology:

It is often said that “it is the small thoughts that count” therefore, why not by her one of the many consumer electronic products, i.e. ipod or any other type of portable music player. This will keep her entertained while she is jogging or working out in the gym.


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