Top 10 Online Payment Processors

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In today’s competitive business landscape, it is vital for every business whether online of offline to offer its customers different payment options. This not only ensures that you increase your customer base but also revenue collection.

Thanks to internet technology, more and more businesses are going online, i.e. e-commerce as a way of minimizing their operating costs while still increasing their bottom line. However, unlike other types of stores, i.e. departmental stores, supermarkets and hardware stores, online stores cannot receive hard cash. Traditionally, online buyers would use their credit cards or debit cards to make direct payments. But, due to increased online threats, online customers increasingly prefer the use merchant accounts to make their payments. When in the market for the best merchant account to use, you will be surprised that there are so many to choose from. Due to the high charges levied by banks, there has been the emergence of numerous merchant account providers looking to cash in on this market niche. As such, making an informed decision on the best merchant account to use is quite challenging.

Whereas, this article does not actually capture the top ten merchant account providers in a chronological order given that different merchant accounts offer various types of services that are unique from the others. What the article does is to offer a glimpse at some of the top ten most used merchant accounts. By going through the list you will be able to know which merchant account offers the best services related to your business.



If you are looking for a high risk merchant account with numerous offshore banks then you need to consider using Instabill. In addition, the service provider makes available what is known as third-party services. There are several benefits of using Instabill such as:

– Low monthly fee that covers both direct as well as third party merchant accounts.

– Customization of services to suit your specific needs.

– Flexibility.

– Low transaction fee.

– Minimum transaction amount.



2Checkout is sometimes confused to be a merchant account service provider when in actual sense it is not. It is a large network of online merchants and has its own web resources akin to the ones you will be offered when looking to join a third party merchant account. To sign-up with, one will require paying a subscription fee of $49.00. There are no other extra fees that are charged other than the usual processing fees. There are numerous benefit that the account offers, i.e. free shopping cart system, 24/7 support and integration.


3. makes available a number of direct merchant accounts. Unlike other merchant accounts, has a diverse database of merchant account resellers. The resellers in turn make available numerous kinds of merchant account solutions with varying rates and conditions. In addition, it provides a wide range of e-commerce websites.


4. offers hardware as well as software credit card processing amongst other merchant account services. The relay technique selected for their accounts is a unique piece of application program that works in-between gateway and the online merchant. The initial thing that a person notes displayed on their website is the phrase ‘Free’, i.e. free software, free setup and free application amongst others. Whereas these offers are actually free, you will be required to pay fees for both service and gateway that mounts to $26.45. Processing fees are also levied.



Powered by Optimal Payments, NETBANX®: works in over 180 countries. It provides safe payment and money transfer services and gives merchants and consumers the autonomy to handle and move their money online. Their payment processing service was the first PSP in Canada, the United States and the United Kingdom (where it was founded).


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