Top 10 Best iPhone Themes

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6. High Tech Rave-Up Theme:

If you love technology and everything that it represents, then High tech rave-up is the theme for you. The theme has a marvelous blue draw attention to effect. It creates the impression of absolute visibility in the darkness. In addition, the black backdrop gives your phone a classy look of modernity.


7. ChromiPhone Free Theme:

A closer look at chromiPhone reminds you of the Google Chrome. If you are a business executive who loves to keep a clean look from top to bottom, then this is the phone for you. It has a plain clean background to compliment your business appearance. The theme is available for download for free.


8. ChocoMilk iPhone Theme:

If you like to eat life with a big spoon, then chocomilk iPhone theme is highly recommended. The theme gives each icon a distinct effervescent tint accompanied by a black backdrop. The black background is a story of simplicity. The theme cuts across all ages and as such can be worn to the office or school or to the social scene.


9. Windows 7 iPhone Theme:

Windows 7 has been the every story of 2010 and the Windows 7 iPhone theme that is available for download for free will suit Windows 7 funs.


10. HTC Hero’s Sense UI iPhone Theme:

The HTC Hero’s theme is a scene from the HTC Hero and gives a spectacular look to your iPhone.


The above themes can be downloaded directly to your iPhone or onto your PC then transferring to your iPhone. However, you will need the latest iTunes to be able to so. Furthermore, you will require downloading and installing “Winterbaord” application to your iPhone so as to execute the application.



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