Top 10 Internet Securities in the World

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There is no doubt that internet technology has enabled individuals and businesses to achieve so much more with less. Activities such as video conferencing has made it possible for corporate organizations to save tens of thousands in travel expenses incurred by its globe trotting business executives to attend meetings and close business deals. Ecommerce has enabled thousands of merchants worldwide to trade from this platform with ease from the comfort of their homes without the need to rent a large office space. Online banking and shopping has made it possible for millions of consumers globally to buy and pay for their goods at the click of a button without the need of leaving their homes or offices. However, the ever rising cases of cyber crimes are posing serious threats to effective internet use. Internet security threats such as identity theft, viruses, phishing websites, spyware, Trojans, worms and viruses have caused home users and business establishments to lose millions of dollars in lost data and working hours.

Nonetheless, thanks to continuous development in software technology users have no need to worry. Internet security software, e.g. Norton, AVG and Kaspersky amongst others have been specially designed to provide adequate protection against internet threats by identifying and eliminating threats before causing havoc to your system. Discussed herein are some to the top ten internet securities in the world


1. Norton Internet Security 2010:

Norton Internet Security 2010 is the top pick for 2010 when it comes to internet security edging out all other security software. This is because of the all-inclusive set of characteristic, i.e. malware detection which functions in detecting threats based on their behavior. Other than detecting and removing malicious malware, it is able to identify are quarantine bad software in the PC.


2. Kaspersky Internet Security 2010

The second best internet security software which provided adequate security to users while online and offline in 2010 is Kaspersky Internet Security 2010. Its high rating was based on robust malware detection, efficient functionality and an easy to use interface. Whereas, Kaspersky security software carries out these specifications quite well, the cost is on the higher end in comparison to other internet security software suites. In general, Kaspersky has a user friendly graphical user interface. It has informative screens which display information with ease. The central window is easy to understand and simple to navigate.


3. AVG Internet Security 9.0

Coming at number three on the 2010 security suites list, is AVG Internet Security 9.0. The software is distributed at a discounted cost of $44.00 for up to three users. At such an inexpensive price, it provides adequate security to users working online and offline. It is quite reliable in terms of malware detection and disinfection. Its weak point is on the user interface. The developer has not done much about it and still presents organizational issues. Despite the shortcoming, it still scored well at identifying active PC infection. Of the samples that were tested, AVG identified 93% and disabled 87%.


4. PC Tool Internet Security 2010

At number four and one of the most affordable Internet Security Software at $50.00 for three users is PC Tools Internet Security. Whereas, the developer has made significant improvements over the years, it still lacks in terms of parental control as well as online backup specifications. In addition, there has been little change on the user interface, nevertheless still user friendly. The graphical user interface has been developed with the regular consumer in mind. The central screen is simple and easy to navigate. Nonetheless, the more avid user may find the interface restricting.


5. BitDefender Internet Security 2010

At number five on the 2010 Internet Security is BitDefender Internet Security 2010. Available in the market at $50.00 for three users, it still provides strong protection to its users. There has been a significant improvement on the user interface. In terms of identifying and eliminating threats, the security software scored highly. While it has the capability to detect and disable threats, it still left traces behind. Unlike other security software that identifies threats based on behavior, BitDefender relied on signature to detect and eliminate threats.


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