Top 10 Internet Securities in the World

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6. Alwil Avast Internet Security 5.0

Sitting at number six on the 2010 Internet Security Suites is Avast 5.0 Internet Security 5.0. It is available in the market for $60.00 for up to three users. It provides all the functional features as the other Internet Security Software and perfumes quite well in detecting and eliminating existing threats. But, it performs dismally in terms of identifying new threats and does not contain some vital features that are present in newer versions of other security software. It has an appealing and easy to use interface. Its undoing, it does not know what to do with threats identified while scanning. The user has to respond to each alert before the scan progress can continue/


7. McAfee Internet Security 2010

At number seven is MacAfee Internet Security, which is available for $70.00 from leading software vendors in the market. It performed well in terms of identifying and eliminating threats and has a fresh and unique graphical user interface that differs greatly from the others. However, McAfee Internet Security 2010 was found to slow down the system performance, which makes users to prefer other software to it. On the plus side, McAfee is intuitive. When a threat is detected, it is eliminated immediately without user input. The interface appears quite simple unlike other Internet Security Suites.


8. Panda Internet Security 2010

At number eight and at a cost of $80.00 for three users is Panda Internet Security. Just like other internet Security software is has all the basic specifications plus an added 2GB of online backup. Furthermore, it provides adequate safeguard for USB devices attached to a PC.


9. Webroot Internet Security Essentials 2010

At number nine with a going away price of $60.00 on the 2010 Internet Security Software is Wbroot Internet Security Essentials 2010. The application comes packaged with antivirus, antispyware, firewall and antispam. Whereas, this may be adequate for some, power users may find it lacking given that it lacks parental control features.


10. Trend Micro Internet Security Pro 2010

At number ten on the 2010 Internet Security list is Trend Micro Internet Security Pro 2010. It is available for $70.00 for three users and comes fully loaded with desktop Internet Security. Nevertheless, it scores poorly in terms of malware detection as the other Internet Security Software listed herein.


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