Top 10 Human Traffickers

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6. Yemen (Tier 3):

Many Yemenite children, especially males, are forced into labour and begging. Many are taken across borders to Saudi Arabia for those reasons. The Yemenite government is not in full compliance to eliminate human trafficking. In fact it has enacted article 161, which legalizes prostitution. This has not helped the country prosecute traffickers who use women for sexual exploitation.


7. China (Tier 2 Watch List):

China is a major source, transit and destination of human trafficking for sexual and labour purposes. The number of victims range from 10,000 to 20,000 per year. Those who are trafficked are given false hopes and promises. The government`s actions are not enough as many organizations are complicit. However, it does provide health care and shelter for those who are affected.


8. India (Tier 2):

India is a source, transit and d

estination for human traffickers. Men, women and children are lured into forced labour in factories. Women and children, who are part of the lower castes, are forced to roam the streets and prostitute. One boy named Aakash miraculously survived brutal conditions for 9 years. Many children, like Aakash, are offered a reward to come with strangers into a car. They are locked inside a room where they are working under brutal conditions. Aakash’s two friends never survived to see freedom. Although not fully compliant, India has enacted the Comprehensive Scheme for Strengthening Law Enforcement Response in India. This law is willing to improve India’s response time to human trafficking.


9. Moldova (Tier 2):

Moldova is a major source and transit and destination country for women subjected to sex trafficking. Moldovan women are brought to Canada, United States, Turkey, Russia, Cyprus, Bulgaria, the United Arab Emirates, Kosovo, Israel, Indonesia, Italy, Greece, Ukraine and Romania where they are sexually exploited. Additionally, many women, men and children, from different countries such as Azerbijan, come to Moldova where their labour is exploited. Many are also forced to beg on the street. The government of Moldova, according to the Trafficking in Persons Report, has unevenly dealt with trafficking issues. However, new laws are now hunting down on human trafficking slowly. Most Moldovan women are being trafficked by someone they know.

Notable Case: 2008: An East European woman stumbled into Toronto police that she was being trafficked. (2008)


10. Japan (Tier 2):

Japan is a major transit and destination country of human trafficking. Many women and children are being trafficked from China, Southeast Asia and Eastern Europe. All women are coerced into the organized crimes. They are promised money and affluent life. When they arrive at their destinations, their passports are confiscated. They are given no other choice but to work to pay off their owners. Japan has not been in compliance with Trafficking Victims Protection Act. Many women who are trafficked and released are put into shelters. The government has handed out brochures in various languages to get their anti-trafficking messages across.


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