Top 10 Minimum Wage Jobs in North America

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Those who work minimum wage jobs are usually not the ones who are less educated. Many people will find that those, whose credentials are not recognized, are stuck working minimum wage jobs. Think about having only $1500 to spend a month. Then examine the rent, car, food and other necessary expenses. How much of your money is left? Here are the top 10 minimum wage jobs in North America.


1. General Labor:

This is the saddest part about capitalism. Many individuals who work general labor job are usually internationally educated individuals who have come to seek newer beginnings. Their wages are mediocre as their credentials are not recognized. If one goes through the postings on Craigslist Toronto they will find that most employers in Ontario will pay between $10.25 and $11/hour. The mass jobs are located within the $10.25-10.50 range. After reviewing general labor jobs in New York and West Virginia, I also found that the majority were minimum wage at $7.25/hour. Only if one is experienced, there is a possibility for wage increase.


2. Fast Food Employees:

Anyone who works at Tim Horton’s, Quiznos, Subway, McDonalds and many other fast food restaurants know what I am talking about. The job requires little skill and education. In fact Statistics Canada notes that a person who has an education that is less than a high school diploma is five times as likely to work minimum wage or less. According to a survey taken in 2005, 1 in 8 people with no high school diploma are working minimum wage, while 1 in 35 people with some post-secondary training will work minimum wage. Most high school students begin working at a fast food joint to earn some extra cash to cover small expenses. With increasing minimum wages in both Canada and the US and increasing expenditures to run the business, there are hikes in food prices.


3. Telemarketing:

These jobs again require little education and skill. Many individuals who perform telemarketing duties are usually provided with a base salary. They mostly rely on sales skills and abilities for extra income and cash. Mostly those who are in the process of completing their high school degree, work as telemarketers.


4. Food and Beverage Servers:

Although servers get good tips for their service, their base pay is poor. According to United States Department of Labor, 21% of those who work in the Food and Beverage business are between the ages of 16 and 19 (2008). Most of the employees are part time workers who have little education or are in the process of completing their degrees. The median wage for these sector workers in US is $7.90/hour. In Canada the median wage for this sector is $10.50/hour which includes supervisors.


5. Nannies:

Most of the nannies who work at the home of a family-earn a bare minimum. When you wager in rent, food and other expenses, the nanny is left with minimum wages. According to New York Times, many nannies in the United States are paid off the books and miss disability and social security benefits.


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