Top 10 Minimum Wage Jobs in North America

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6. Supermarket Stocker:

After survey 50 supermarket stockers in both New York and Ontario, I found that they also are working minimum wage. Most of those who responded were either in high school or were in the process of finishing their undergraduate degree. This job usually is one that covers the bare necessities for teenagers and other students. Many of them have to carry heavy boxes and cartons to make a measly dollar.


7. Receptionist:

This job requires little education. Mostly receptionists will need to greet incoming clients and answer phones in a professional manner. Their work is mostly delegated by an office manager. Looking at most administrative/receptionist jobs posted on Craigslist, I found that they also paid minimum wage. Looking into it further on Simply Hired, I found that the most employers offered was $0.25 over the minimum wage.


8. Parks Workers:

Those who work at an amusement park will know what I mean. The job requires little skill and again little education. Many of those who work at the park are in high school part time or during the summer to earn extra cash.


9. Bus Boy:

These kitchen staff mostly get minimum wage as well. They work hard to ensure that all dishes, cutlery and kitchen items are clean. They take out and change garbage when necessary. Most who complete these job duties are in the process of finishing high school or are doing this part time.


10. Newspaper boys/girls:

The job requires a great deal of time and patience. Each worker needs to put together a newspaper with all the different flyers and then deliver the papers to each house as required. Time consuming is not one word to describe this job. The base pay is minimum and for each flyer the employee inserts, they receive approximately $0.20. Ridiculous? I agree.


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