Top 10 Countries with Death Penalties

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6. Burma:

Statistics: The numbers are low because people have been executed for other means. There are also no reliable information about the statistics of death penalty. Burmese Junta fails to provide any.

Crimes: Political Opposition, Murder, Rape

Description: Burma has been cracking down on political opponents since 1989 when the military Junta came to power. The martial law of 1989 allows the military to impose death penalty on those who oppose the government.


7. Pakistan:

Statistics: 135 people were executed in 2007 (mostly for murder)

Crimes: Blasphemy, adultery, murder. 27 crimes are executable altogether.

Description: All capital punishment crimes are done by hanging, except adultery. Punishment for adultery is stoning. Pakistan has a high record of honour killings where families kill a member of their family for betraying and dishonoring them. The justice system enacted a law preventing anyone from executing people under 18 in 2000.


8. Syria:

Statistics: at least 17 executions in 2010

Crimes: Treason, murder, political acts against government, robbery, rape, murder, political opposition.

Description: Syria is opposed to the United Nation’s call to end capital punishment. They still perform public hangings and shootings of those convicted on capital punishment crimes.


9. Yemen:

Statistics: 80 people were executed in 2001

10 people were executed in 2002

7 people were shot dead in 2003

13 people were executed in 2007

53 people were executed in 2010

Crimes: Adultery, apostasy, drug trafficking, rape and murder

Description: The punishments are done publically by lashings and stoning. The country is also known to execute minors, including in 1993 of a 13 year old boy. They voted against the UN resolution to ban capital punishment in 2008.


10. Libya:

Statistics: at least 18 people were executed in 2010. This does not include those who died with military and government crackdown on protestors who protested against a cruel government.

Crimes: Treason, forcible change of government, planned murder

Description: Within recent years, Libya has had more executions than any other African country..

 Article Written by Alex Noudelman

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