Top 10 1948 Events

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1948 was a momentous year in the 20th century. Globalization was booming, with the arrival of universal doctrines and international organizations. Countries that were part of the imperialist empire became independent. A non-violence resistance leader was assassinated. What a year, what can I say.

1. January 30:

Mahatma Gandhi is assassinated in India. Gandhi was a pacifist leader during the India Independence Movement. He resisted tyranny and disobedience in his teachings.

2. March 8:

McCollum v. Board of Education: United States Supreme Court decision. Religious education is deemed unconstitutional in the United States. Tax based money could no longer be used to fund religious instruction. The case was brought to the attention of Supreme Court by Vashti McCollum, an atheist against the religious education. She felt her son was ostracized for not attending.

3. April 3:

Harry S. Truman signs the Marshall Plan which allows 16 countries to receive aid for reconstruction. $5 billion was given to European countries so that they can rebuild their economies after devastating loses in World War II.

4. April 7:

The World Health Organization (WHO) is founded. Their objective is for all people to attain the highest possible level of health.

5. May 14:

Israel is declared independent. The Jewish people finally have a national home. Outrage from Egypt, Iraq, Syria and Transjordan, caused tensions and sadly more war following British withdrawal.

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