Top 10 Fitness Programs

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Many individuals invest thousands of dollars to become fit. Many of them are dedicated to losing weight, getting ripped and become physically in shape. Many fitness programs are designed to help those individuals achieve their goals. As such, here is the list of top 10 fitness programs.


1. P90X:

Home exercise program developed by Tony Horton. According to its commercials, it will improve people`s physique and look in 90 days. It combines strength training, yoga, cardio, plyometric and stretching.


2. Bowflex:

Bowflex is an exercise program which is used for resistance, strength and cardio training. The equipment will increase energy levels, reduce fat and joint pain, increase good cholesterol and metabolism.


3. Total Gym:

Endorsed by Chuck Norris, Total Gym is an exercise program used for strength and pilates training and stretches. The Total Gym Power Tower is most famous for its infomercials on television, featuring Norris.


4. Insanity:

Comparable to P90X, it improves fitness in 60 days. The program involves stamina training and emphasizes max interval training. Individuals using Insanity would exercise for 3 to 4 minutes and then take a 30 second break before beginning the exercises again.


5. Smith Machine:

Invented by Jack Lalanne, this piece of equipment is used for weight training programs. The machine could be used for a number of exercises such as squats.


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