Top 10 Anti-Abortion Arguments

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46 million abortions occur every year around the world. By age 45, statistics find that 43% of women have had 1 abortion. Half of those getting an abortion are under the age of 25. Here are 10 arguments anti-abortionists make. These arguments in no way represent the views of the author or Top 10 List.


1. The child here does not have a choice:

He/she cannot speak for themselves. Many anti-abortionists feel that abortion takes away the right to live from the child.


2. Adoption:

Abortion is not the last resort for parents not wanting children. Children are always wanted by parents who cannot have children. Adoption thus is a viable option.


3. Dangers:

Those who have abortions at a young age, risk the possibility of not being able to bear another child. Multiple dialations do cause scarring.


4. Cervical Cancer:

A study in the United States revealed that women who have had an abortion are at risk getting Cervical Cancer.


5. Ectopic Pregnancy:

Those who have had abortions are also at risk of ectopic pregnancies. This is when the embryo implants outside of the uterine cavity.


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