Top 10 Anti-Abortion Arguments

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46 million abortions occur every year around the world. By age 45, statistics find that 43% of women have had 1 abortion. Half of those getting an abortion are under the age of 25. Here are 10 arguments anti-abortionists make. These arguments in no way represent the views of the author or Top 10 List.


1. The child here does not have a choice:

He/she cannot speak for themselves. Many anti-abortionists feel that abortion takes away the right to live from the child.


2. Adoption:

Abortion is not the last resort for parents not wanting children. Children are always wanted by parents who cannot have children. Adoption thus is a viable option.


3. Dangers:

Those who have abortions at a young age, risk the possibility of not being able to bear another child. Multiple dialations do cause scarring.


4. Cervical Cancer:

A study in the United States revealed that women who have had an abortion are at risk getting Cervical Cancer.


5. Ectopic Pregnancy:

Those who have had abortions are also at risk of ectopic pregnancies. This is when the embryo implants outside of the uterine cavity.


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  • Jacob

    6. Illnesses are not the end of the world
    Yeah, if you don’t mind having the burden of taking care of a mentally handicapped child for the rest of it’s life, costing you all of your time and money, neither of which people seem to have enough of these days. I’m all for abortion. If you aren’t ready, get rid of it. Fuck adoption, you could be sending that kid to some fucked family that puts up a pretty facade. Only have a child if you plan on keeping it, only if you are mentally and financially ready.