Top 10 Cruise Liners

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Here are the top 10 cruise liners you should check out. Many of them will take you on a never before seen trip of a lifetime.


1. Princess Cruises

This is a British-American cruise line whose main office is in California, United States. Two of its ships were used on the TV show, the Love Boat. In 2013, it is expected that Royal Princess will become flagship of Princess Cruises.


2. Carnival Cruise Lines

Based in Miami, it was founded in 1972 by Ted Arison. It has the largest fleet so far in the world, including 22 vessels. Carnival Destiny is the world’s largest cruise ship in the world.


3. Disney Cruise Lines

This cruise line is fun for the whole family, especially those who have little children. An American corporation, it is owned by the Walt Disney Company. It does several expeditions to Europe, the Caribbean and South America.


4. Norwegian Cruise Line

An American corporation, Norwegian Cruise Lines controls approximately 8% of the cruise line markets. It is renowned for its Freestyle Cruising concept. There are no set times or seating measures for mealtimes.


5. Polar Cruise Lines

Polar Cruises provide expeditions to the Arctic and Antarctica. You can see polar bears and view penguins on their different trips. The cruise is small but is popular for those who want to see Antarctica for themselves.


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