Top 10 Populist Leaders

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6. Juan Domingo Perón:

This Argentinian President was also a populist. He stood up with the people of Argentina to overthrow the corrupt regime led by General Farrell. He gained the trust of his people as Minister of Labour under Farrell. Furthermore, he attempted to improve the rights of workers on various levels. When Perón elected in 1946, workers were given symbolic dignity and material benefits.


7. Getulio Vargas:

Vargas was a wealthy landowner and cattle rancher from the frontier state of Rio Grande does Sul. He was a nationalist leader in Brazil who advocated for a strong centralized and executive level government. Given his populist beliefs, he created cross class alliances between the urban working class, the industrial class, and the middle class. He was pro urban working class and recognized the importance of the class.


8. Margaret Thatcher:

The British Prime Minister was a right wing populist. She believed in share-owning democracy. In her opinion everyone had the right to feel they were capitalists.


9. Woodrow Wilson:

This President of the United States argued for a stronger central government and fought for anti-trust legislation and labour rights. He introduced the New Freedom platform, which set to destroy monopolies and to allow smaller businesses to thrive.


10. Eugene McCarthy:

This Presidential Candidate of 1968 was an advocate of popular democracy. He took on the libertarian version of civil liberties by advocating for full employment.


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