Top 10 Popular Phrases Parents Use On Children

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6. “No means No”:

Sometimes kids do not understand the meaning of no. Parents need to reiterate this phrase to make their message clear. Some parents give in, after being hounded.


7. “Hold Your Horses”:

Children are not always willing to tell the whole truth. When parents figure out what their children are up to, they use this phrase.


8. “Can’t Never Did”:

Parents try to teach their children to try new things. They try to motivate their children by using their phrase. Usually a push can help make this phrase more effective.


9. “Knock it Off”:

Kids like doing activities at the most peculiar time. They also try to do something, while a parent is busy. Parents thus use this phrase to tell their kids that they need to stop what they are doing.


10. “Shut-UP”:

As much as it a derogatory word, it is still used by parents. The better way of saying this phrase is “Be Quiet.”


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