Top 10 Things You Didn’t Know About Halloween

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6. Halloween costumes

More than 60% of all Halloween costumes sold in the U.S. are to adults. Kids younger than 13 are thus not the only ones celebrating the holiday. Young adults over the age of 18 are just as into the holiday as the children.


7. Halloween – the third largest party day

Halloween is the third largest party day after New Year’s Eve and Superbowl Sunday.

Consumers in America in 2006 spent around $64 on the holiday and around $59 in 2005.


8. Jack-O’Lantern

Jack-O’Lantern was not originally used synonymously with Halloween. It was used to describe a night watchman in 1663. Only in the 19th century, it became synonymous with Halloween and pumpkin carving and lighting.


9. Halloween colors

The traditional Halloween colors are black and orange—black symbolizing darkness, and orange symbolizing the harvest.


10. Halloween candy

25% of all candy sold annually in the United States is sold on Halloween.


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