Top 10 Common Male Fantasies

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This should come as no surprise. Both male and female fantasies are unconstrained by real life demands. Men have a flourishing mind and are provided with insight when fantasizing. Fantasies are, however, different and individualized. Not all  male fantasies are therefore the same. As such, here are top 10 common male fantasies.


1. Hot Looking Girl:

How many men can say they have not fantasized about a hot looking girl? Many younger men have their rooms filled with posters of girls in bikinis. Many would even admit they wish they could date a girl that is similar to the model on their wall.


2. Older/Younger Women:

It is a known fact that younger men fantasize about older women at some point in their life. Older men, on the other hand, fantasize about younger women and going back to their youthful days.


3. Giving Up Control:

In Western society, men are typically expected to take initiative, it should not come as a shock that many of them fantasize about doing the exact opposite and completely giving up control to a woman who dominates them. Fantasies involving this can be as  simple as being lazy in bed to being tied up and ravished by a hot female.


4. Opposites:

Men sometimes are not happy with their lives. They wish that their partner would be the exact opposite of who they are. Most importantly, they look at women and partners in parts. So for example….if a woman has short legs…men would fantasize about their women having long legs.


5. First Time:

Men and women are adventurous; unless they are asexual. This is a common fantasy both genders have. If no one ever fantasized about these things, no one would care to have kids or be legally married. In Western countries, you are not officially married until you consummate.

Recent studies show more and more men expect to have threesomes and want to known what it is all about.  This is the kind of threesome  pairs men and two exceedingly hot girls for all night fun.  Your girlfriend suddenly getting the urge to not only have sex, but also invite her hot friend to take part in the  whole action; exciting.  The girlfriend keeps you cool and confident, while her friend makes it so exotic and you feel as though you are being more than your naughty self .


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