Top 10 Important Women in Ancient Greece & Rome

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6. Medea:

She was also an essential part of Greek Mythology. The story revolves around a woman who seeks revenge against her betraying husband. Unsuccessfully trying to poison her husband, she flees to Asia where she becomes the Queen of Medes, her own people.


7. Zenobia:

She was a regent for Vabalathus. She rebelled against Aurellian and set herself up as Queen of Palmyra, independently of Rome. She won several battles, however was not triumphant against the Roman legions.


8. Clodia Pulchra:

Mark Antony was her mother’s husband. She is the daughter of Fulvia and Publius Clodius Pulcher. As a gesture of alliance, Fluvia offered Clodia Pulchra to Octavian for marriage. The two married, but did not live happily ever after. Octavian divorced her and the marriage was never consummated.


9. Fulvia:

She was an aristocrat who married 3 powerful men, including Mark Antony. All 3 of her husbands were active and supported Julius Ceasar. During the Perusine War, she fought to help her husband Mark Antony battle his enemy Octavian. Legacy wise, she is the first non-myth person to appear on Roman coins.


10. Cornelia:

She was the mother Gracchi. Her most important role came in the Second Punic War. She was a leading example of virtuous woman.


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