Top 10 Reasons Why Gay Marriages Should Be Legal

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6. Tax-Payer Money:

Is it really worth tax payers’ money to prolong this debate? Many argue that we have no say on same sex couples’ families and their stability/instability. In 2005, there were 3.6 divorces per 1000 people in the U.S.


7. Politics and Religion are separate:

Many religions view homosexuality a sin. As a marriage by the state is a secular activity; the government has no right to make laws because they are pressured to do so by religious lobbyists. The gay community is also a lobbyist.


8. Affects benefits:

Marriage affects people ability to receive benefits. More so, it prevents couples from allowing their spouses to be sponsored into the country. The spouses will thus have to go through illegal means of entering the country to get their green card.


9. Love:

Marriage is about love. Many argue that there are no facts claiming that same sex couples love each other less than heterosexual couples.


10. Not our business:

Like the popular saying says, what happens behind closed doors stays behind closed doors. Unless someone is performing criminal activities, pro same sex marriage activists argue that it is not our business what they do and how they live.


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