Top 10 Social Network Pet Peeves

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6. Stalkers:

I know a number of teachers who have been hounded by students to add them on Facebook, Twitter, MySpace, Hi5 etc. Many students love trying to find their teachers and see what their personal lives are like.


7. Broken Records:

Those who repeatedly try to sell something are also annoying. It is the greatest pet peeve to receive the same news and the same comment everyone once In a while. You only need to state it once to get the message across.


8. Cyber bullying:

Many individuals use social networks for cyber bullying purposes. They would make comments on pages that degrade others. Furthermore, they would post pictures with tags that give nicknames to innocent parties. One person was tagged as “Shrek” on a group picture on Facebook. Facebook took 4 weeks to delete it.


9. Creepers:

There are various individuals who are creepers. They do not want to be known in real life, so they use social networks to creep their former friends out. When deleted, that person would readd another account under an alias and keep on bothering others.


10. Mundane Rambling:

I absolutely hate it. People tweet and update Facebook statuses for such reasons. How does that interest their friends and followers.


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