Top 10 Ways To Treat and Prevent Heartburn

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Heartburn is caused by stomach acids. People usually feel this after eating something the body is not used to. Here are 10 ways one can treat heartburn. Many are over the counter drugs and others are home remedies. The best advice is to eat in small portions, leaving 2-3 hour breaks in between meals.


1. Small Portions:

Like I said in the description, people should eat in smaller portions. Overeating can be and is a common cause for heartburn. The stomach does not have time to fully digest the food it receives.


2. Tums:

This is an over the counter antacid sold widely in drug marts. It is made of sugar and calcium carbonate. The drug is incomparable and has been on the market since 1930. There are different variations of Tums including pills, chewable and syrups.


3. Maalox:

Maalox is a brand name drug which reduces antacid. It has aluminum hydroxide and magnesium hydroxide inside and is usually taken to treat heartburn. It is also used to prevent and stop diarrhea.


4. Gaviscon:

This is an over the counter drug sold widely in North America and Europe. It is usually taken for heartburn and antacids. It will stabilize stomach contents and reduce influx and regurgitation.


5. Baking Soda:

Baking soda is a natural antacid. Liquefying a teaspoon of baking soda in hot water neutralizes stomach acid and relieves heartburn caused by acid reflux.


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