Top 10 Oldest Businesses in the US

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Which businesses are still running since the Declaration of Independence and before that? See if you recognize 1 or 2 businesses. Some of them are still widely heard of even in other parts of the world.


1. Bowne & Co. – 1775:

This was a printing company that was set up by Robert Bowne. It was bought out by JJ Donnelly in 2010. The company is widely traded on NYSE.


2. Green Brier – 1778:

This is a four star luxury resort which is located in West Virginia. The resort was previously owned by Chesapeake and Ohio Railway and is now owned by CSX Corporation. Jim Justice bought the property when CSX put the hotel into liquidation.


3. Bank of New York – 1784:

The financial institution was founded by Alexander Hamilton in 1784. It merged in 2007 with Mellon Financial Corporation, which renamed it to Bank of New York Mellon. It is the oldest bank in New York to date.


4. Bixler’s – 1785:

Bixler’s Jewellery is the oldest jewellery company in USA. The company is located in Pennsylvania and is still run by the Bixler family, 6 generations later.


5. Pittsburgh Post-Gazette – 1786:

It was the first newspaper to be published west of the Alleghemy Mountains. The first news coverage were relating to the beginning of a nation and the writing of the US Constitution. Throughout the years, it has won 4 Pulitzer Prizes: 1938, 1986, 1987 and 1998.


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