Top 10 Oldest Businesses in the US

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6. Hayes Coffee – 1787:

The company makes coffee from premium grade Arabica beans. The coffee beans are slow roasted to release maximum aroma.


7. Cadwalader, Wickersham & Taft LLP – 1792:

This is the oldest law firm in the United States. It has superb knowledge of income tax, real estate, insurances bankruptcy and capital markets and is highly recommended by Chambers and Partners.


8. Old Farmer`s Almanec – 1792:

This is one company that many consumers know around the world. The books are known to provide readers with facts and statistics around the world. The information is highly accurate and is revised every year.


9. State Street – 1792:

Originating in Boston, the financial institution has presence around the world and around United States. It now provides securities services to institutional investors as a custodian bank.


10. Temperance Tavern – 1793:

This is the oldest bed and breakfast place in the United States and is located in New Hampshire. I`ve visited this site and I highly recommend people have a peek inside or stay one night.

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