Top 10 Ways To Distinguish Identical Twins

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Identical twins have a number of distinctions. Only 25% of their features are similar. Here is what you should look for when trying to distinguish twins.


1. Height:

Many identical twins are not always the same height. One may be taller while the other is shorter. I know a number of twins with who are of varying and noticeable heights.


2. Hair:

Hair may differ among identical twins. There may be one specific feature of hair which differs the twins. Hair twirls, hair styles and colour are some things people should look for. As twins get older, their hair preferences do change and are visibly different.


3. Moles/Birthmarks:

Marks on the body also are good ways of distinguishing identical twins. One twin may have a noticeable mole or birthmark, the other twin may not have.


4. Left Handed/Right Handed:

Identical twins could be easily distinguished by their writing skills. You rarely find twins who are both right handed or left handed…unless they have been taught and trained otherwise.


5. Belly Buttons:

Umbilical Cords are not always cut in the same way. The belly buttons of identical twin babies may thus differ. Parents will be able to this tell them apart when unclothed.


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