Top 10 Worst Prime Ministers Of Canada

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A great Prime Minister is a leader and not a follower. He/She makes decisions which the citizens and demo follow. They are also open to the public and make every effort to improve Quality of Life. The following 10 Prime Ministers of Canada have done the exact opposite.


1. Stephen Harper:

When his government was in crisis, he ran away. Stephen Harper does not make decisions quite well and runs away when problems are knocking on his door. He asked the Governor General to suspend parliament because he was almost ousted by a coalition government. If Harper was an excellent leader, he would have fought with all his might to stand up to the bullies.


2. William Lyon Mackenzie King:

This name is synonymous with “None is too Many” which was said by Frederick Charles Blair. When European Jews arrived at Canada’s doorstep, he refused them. He went to visit Hitler and specified that the latter could do no harm. This country has the worst record for accepting Jews when in need. It accepted only 4000 Jews between 1939 and 1945.


3. Jean Chrétien

This name is synonymous with balancing the books. He eliminated social programs and sought to cut welfare and unemployment payments to families. If you quit or get fired for just purposes, you can no longer receive unemployment insurance. You receive employment insurance instead. When Canadians hired him to get rid of GST, he did the exact opposite: he kept it. The gap between the rich and the poor has gotten bigger.


4. Paul Martin:

Although he was quite decisive during his years as Minister of Finance, he was the exact opposite while Prime Minister. His 2.5 years in power were mired in scandals over the Sponsorship Scandal. It is still not certain how much money was used by Paul Martin and Jean Chrétien for advertisement and sponsorship campaigns. Who wants a Prime Minister who keeps secret? No one!


5. Brian Mulroney:

We cannot forget this individual. He could not do his job properly. He tried to introduce an agenda (FTA agreement) not voted for by the people. He had no control over the policies and reduced his party to 2 seats in parliament. There are allegations that he and a man named Schreiber exchanged money for favors. Crook is one word to describe Mr. Taxman (oops I meant Mr. Mulroney).


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