Top 10 People Thought To Be Alive After “Dying”

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A death certificate or an obituary is not enough to stifle people’s love for imagination. Some people come up with the best stories and the unsurpassed ideas of how famous people and celebrities never died. Here are just 10 cases where this happened.


1. Jesus:

Views of Jesus Christ vary amongst different Christian factions. One thing they do agree on is that Jesus Christ was a redeemer and savior. They profess that Jesus is/was the son of God and became a man in incarceration. For them, he resurrected to bodily life, three days after his death. He thus, in their opinion, is not dead.


2. Osama bin Laden:

On May 2, 2011 it was announced that the Al Qaeda leader and perpetrator of 9/11 was killed point blank in a US led operation. For nearly 10 years, bin Laden was America’s most wanted. There was a $25 million reward offered for his capture. Many do not know what to believe. They know that bin Ladin had dummies walking around throughout the Middle East. Reports by Tehrik-i-Taliban Pakistan (TTP) stated that bin Ladin was never killed. Rumours of his impending death due to ill health did lead people on throughout the years following 9/11.


3. Adolf Hitler:

On May 2nd, 1945, it was said that Adolph Hitler committed suicide in his bunker with his girlfriend Eva Braun. Conspiracy theories were ignited recently over the alleged findings of a female skull thought to be Hitler’s for over 6 decades.


4. Tupac Shakur:

A famous rapper and actor, Tupac Shakkur was killed in a drive-by shooting in Las Vegas, Nevada. Rumors began to fluctuate about Shakkur being alive with the release of the first post-hummus record Makaveli: Don Killuminati: The 7 Day Theory. The album was named after Nicolo Machiavelli, a philosopher who believed that faking one’s death was a good way to fool enemies. With the release of 7 more albums, the rumors of Tupac being alive became even stronger.


5. Grand Duchess Anastasia Romanov:

Does anyone know what Anna Anderson, Eugenia Smith, Eleanora Kruger, Natalia Bilikhodze, and Nadezhda Ivanovna Vasilyeva have in common? They all pretended to be the Grand Duchess Anastasia Romanov.

Rumours of Anastasia’s survival started when reports read that the Bolshevik soldiers and secret police searched for ‘Anastasia Romanov’. More witnesses also came forward with the claim that they saw a young woman by the name of Anastasia running away in Perm in September of 1918. With the finding of the graves in 1991, the rumors inflated. Two bodies were still missing and unaccounted for. In 1998, the two bodies were finally accounted for; ending any rumors about Anastasia being alive.


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