Top 10 TV Rivalries

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TV Rivals have defined Television history. We cannot wait to find out what will happen between the favorite rivals that are starring on our favorite TV shows. Here is a list of TV rivals who have entertained us beyond any words can say.


1. Katherine Chancellor vs. Jill Abbott:

For 38 years, these two characters have battled it out right in front of our television screens on the TV show the Young and the Restless. They’ve shared the same lovers, fought over wealth and were even reunited as mother/daughter once.


2. Stephanie Forrester vs. Brooke Logan:

These two leading characters never got along. Stephanie Forrester has never accepted Brooke as part of her family. Brooke Logan did sleep with Stephanie Forrester’s husband and 2 children. Stephanie Forrester is no saint as she bribed her grandson to lie about sleeping with Brooke Logan. The two rivals make Bold & the Beautiful popular 24 years later.


3. Homer Simpson vs. Ned Flanders:

Homer Simpson envies Ned Flanders. The former always believes the latter has everything better. Homer Simpson is one bully who tries to make Ned Flanders’ life miserable on the TV show, the Simpsons.


4. Jerry Seinfeld vs. Sally Weiver:

The TV show Seinfeld decided to hire Jerry’s devil’s advocate on the show. Weiver did everything possible to discredit Jerry. She even stole his material and used it as her own in her stand-up comedy.


5. Rob Mariano vs. Russell Hantz:

This is the most useless rivalry that I believe was used too much on the show Survivor. Ultimately Hantz did outwit and outplay Mariano in the game of Survivor: Villains vs. Heroes, but lost in Redemption Island. Somehow Mariano easily got his way through to the finals and won; 4th time around.


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