Top 10 TV Rivalries

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6. Bart Simpson vs. Nelson Muntz:

This is a bully vs. bully case scenario. Both characters on the TV show could be characterized that way. Interestingly enough, Simpson feels intimidated by Muntz’s bullying. This is because Muntz is bigger in size.


7. Rosie O’Donnell vs. Elizabeth Hassellbach:

One cannot forget O’Donnell’s short stint on the view. The rivalries between the two caused O’Donnell to leave the show prematurely. Liberals never go with conservatives, as you can see.


8. Naomi Clark vs. Annie Wilson:

Naomi Clark never liked Annie Wilson on 90210. In fact she made it her mission to destroy Wilson during 2nd season because the former thought the latter slept with her boyfriend. Although the duo kiss and make-up, their friendships are short lived.


9. Sami Brady vs. Carrie Reed:

These two sisters never got along as well. Sami envied her sister. This is why she stopped Carrie’s wedding to say she was carrying the groom’s baby.


10. Kimberly Mancini & Sydney Andrews:

Melrose Place would not be the same without the duo. Kimberly was one vindictive woman who took down anyone standing in her way, including Sydney who slept with Kimberly’s husband. Kimberly even set Sydney up for attempted murder.


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