Top 10 Things To Teach Kids

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6. Share:

Envy is one word to describe many children’s character. They always believe that someone else is much better off then them. Children also fight over TV, games and other toys because of envy. Parents should condition an appropriate behavior by role modeling and discussing appropriate manners with their children at a young age.


7. Don’t do others what you don’t want done to you:

Children love to pinch and they love to do crazy things to others. They however, sometimes realize the repercussions of their actions. Parents should always teach their kids not to do anything to others which they would not appreciate being done on them. Otherwise parents will face lots of problems and complaints from parents, teachers and other community members.


8. No one is perfect:

Some parents want their children to be perfect. They put a great deal of stress on academics and sports. When a child makes an error, parents would sometimes look down on them. Parents should not do so and should emphasize that learning is a process. No one is perfect and mistakes do occur.


9. Not to put hands where they don’t belong:

Many children do disgusting things with their hands. They then do not wash their hands when they are supposed to. Parents should reinforce the no picking nose and scratching other body parts. If it does happen, parents should prompt their children to wash their hands.


10. Read:

It seems simple, but you’d be surprised as to how many children enter kindergarten not knowing how to read. 15 minutes a day reading with your child helps them become better readers.


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