Top 10 Tennis Racquets

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When buying a tennis racquet, people look for power, stability, control, grip and weight. Utilizing these categories and the preferences and successes of professional players, I’ve compiled a list. Here are the top 10 tennis racquets.


1. Wilson Khamsin Five BLX 4

I use this one when playing tennis. I admire the racquet for its smooth grip, powerful stroke and its very light weight. Additionally, power and plush work well together in this product.


2. Yonex V-Con X 18 Tennis Racquet:


This is a racquet that is made for all court games and offers a unique combination of power, playability, control, and comfort. It is perfect for someone who is not the average size and is not quick (tweener).


3. Wilson BLX Blade Team

These are the racquets that champions Venus and Serena Williams use. They are good with precision and for power. The large head size provides an excellent sweet spot. The racquet is also easily navigable because of its stringed makes.


4. Head Youtek Six Star

This racquet is powerful, soft and plush. Additionally, it is lightweight and easily mobile. It has Quadface technology which lengthens the string bed and increases the sweet spot for steady power.


5. Babolat 2010 AeroPro Drive GT PLUS

Pete Sampras, Andre Agassi and John McEnroe and Rafael Nadal have all supported this racquet. It is one of the best racquets which bring more power, more control and stability. Rafael Nadal would not be Spain’s No.1, if it were not for this racquet.


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