Top 10 Unconventional Weapons

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Waging a conventional war means using conventional weapons such as guns, tanks, bombs etc. We no longer see conventional weapons used as means to end war or to commit a crime. Unconventional weapons are used to put the final blow to the enemy and to commit crimes of assault, murder etc. Here is a list of unconventional weapons, you would not regularly see.


1. Dolphins:

Dolphins were first used by the US navy to protect trident subs in 1989. They wore electrodes and harness outfits which were used to detect mines in Iraqi ports.


2. Poison Gas:

Poison gas has not been used before as a weapon until the US entered into War on Terrorism. Most recently it used poison gas on civilians in Fallujah. It is like a bomb which explodes into a mushroom cloud. When the material touches the skin, it burns and is resistant to water.


3. Pencil/Binder:

I’ve never thought anyone would use a pencil to do anything criminal until now. Anthony Clarke High School students in Idaho sodomized one of their friends with a pencil. In a process of hazing, one friend/freshman was forced to stick a pencil into his rectum. Another friend hit the pencil with his binder, causing it to go deeper inside. All students involved were charged with assault.


4. Pen:

You do not see many people threatening to rob someone with a pen handy, until now. Two men, Gordon Douglas Ellwood, 25, and Jacob Alexander Tolchinsky, 20, assaulted and attempted to rob another person with a pen as a weapon. The incident was unprovoked and thankfully the victim pressed the emergency button before any harm could be done.


5. Viagra:

Libyan leader Muanmmar Gadhafi dispersed weapons to his military aids in the most unusual forms. Instead of giving them guns, he gave the men Viagra like pills. These pills were used to rape women in Libya. Before his death, Gadhafi was wanted for International War Crimes for allegedly orchestrating the rape of Libyan women.


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