Top 10 Unconventional Weapons

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6. Trebuchet:

This is a siege engine that was used in the Middle East. It is similar to a catapult and was used to smash castles and homes. The weapon/machinery was used by both Christians and Muslims.


7. Shoe:

If there is something that is done improperly, or someone really wants to get back at another for torment, shoes are good weapons. I’ve seen people go at each other with all kind of shoes. Shoes can leave someone brain dead.


8. Incendiary Devices:

These are bombs which are known to start fires. They have been around for centuries and are filled with kerosene and oil and wrapped around with tar-covered rope. It is used popular to make a final blow to the enemy. US used it once in the Vietnam War.


9. Atomic Bomb:

USA knew that WWII was over and that the Japanese doom was inevitable. USA still wanted to assert its dominance in the world. It was working on the Manhattan Project for years. Finally it was able to deliver one last blow on August 6 and August 9th of 1945.


10. Biological Weapons:

Biological weapons increased as weapons after the War on Terrorism ensued. Athrax was a large scare in the USA. This is despite the fact that there was a ban on biological weapons in 1925.


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