Top 10 Supplements And Vitamins For Active Lifestyles

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The following list is compiled using supplements and vitamins people use to boost their active lifestyles. These supplements and vitamins keep people healthy and will help their weight loss and exercise programs exceed expectations.


1. Vitamin B-12:

Vitamin B-12 is found in fish, meat and dairy products. It carries micronutrients that are essential to the conversion of proteins and sugars into energy during active exercises. These vitamins are important when it comes to the production of red blood cells. Without red blood cells, oxygen would not be carried to the muscles.


2. Vitamin A:

Vitamin A is taken to help the body tissues grow and repair. It also helps maintain healthy skin and has the necessary nutrients to improve night vision.


3. Chromium:

This supplement is useful for those who are actively trying to lose weight. Without it, insulin cannot control blood sugar levels. More fat is stored and less is burned inside a person’s body. Chromium thus makes sure that the levels are appropriate.


4. Vitamin C:

This vitamin is essential for healthy bones, teeth and blood vessels. Anyone who feels stressed in life and feels tired as a result takes Vitamin C supplements. Most importantly, the vitamin helps cure common colds, especially in children.


5. Vitamin E:

Vitamin E is used by active people to reduce muscle soreness. When you are at the gym and exercise, your muscles tend to transform in a not so good way at first. Vitamin E thus helps you transition faster and more efficiently into a healthy lifestyle.


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