Top 10 Job Sites

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The following sites are important to have on file when searching for jobs. They connect and also network you with potential employers.


1. Monster

It is one of largest employment websites in the world. Out of 100 million websites worldwide, it is the 20th most visited. It was a creation of a merger between Monster Inc. and Online Career Centre (OCC) in 1999. Monster has a large database of searchable profiles and resumes.

CEO: Jeff Taylor



2. Workopolis

This is a Canadian employment and career solutions website. Employers can post jobs on the website, and job seekers can create profiles and upload resumes. The resumes are searchable.

Free to use, especially for those still in school.

CEO: Kelly Dixon



3. Craigslist

Craigslist has a free online job posting board. The board is divided into various categories and is divided by career choices. Job Seekers can directly apply by email or via fax to the employer. All using Craigslist should be advised that there are scammers who try to provide fake jobs listed on Craigslist. Craigslist has not eradicated such behavior, but is working towards a solution.

CEO: Craig Newmark



4. Eluta:

This is a job search engine which helps connect job seekers with employers. It was launched by Mediacorp Canada Inc. in 2006. The website searches jobs based on keywords users chose. The services are free and the goal is to make all job postings searchable.



5. JobServe:

This U.K. job search board website has office in Asia, North America, Europe and Australia. It specializes in job board solutions job distribution solutions, online recruitment tools, media solutions. This is free to use.

Co-Founder: Robbie Cowling



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