Top 10 Uses Of Vodka

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6. Remove Poison Ivy:

If you touched a wildlife which has poison ivy, there is a way to remove it. The oil can be removed with the application of vodka.


7. Razors:

Razors may not cut well after certain number of usages. To prolong the life of a razor fill a cup with vodka. Put the razor inside the glass and let it soak after each shaving. This may be expensive but will prevent rusting.


8. Clean Pores:

My girlfriend who is a nurse told me that vodka cleans out pores. It is recommended that you apply vodka to a cotton ball/pad and rub it on your face as a cleanser.


9. Treat Dandruff:

Many of us do suffer through excessive dandruff. It is annoying to have small white pieces fall off your head and into your food. The best treatment for dandruff is vodka mixed with crushed rosemary. Many websites advise people to let it still for 2 days, at which point you strain it through a coffee filter. You can than massage the solution onto your head.


10. Freshen Clothes:

If you spray vodka on clothes and leave it to air dry you may get fresher clothes. This is one belief that I thought would be interesting to add.


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