Top 10 Leaders Who Died Under Mysterious Circumstances

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The deaths of these 10 leaders has remained a mystery to this day.  If you look back the last 200 years,, you will find no less than 150 leaders and politicians have died under the most mysterious circumstances. 200 might seem like “not that many” but for the international community it`s way to many.

We never take the deaths of famous people lightly,  but these 10 deaths are worth mentioning because they were so unexpected and tragic.


1. Nelson Rockefeller:

What or shall I say who was this vice president doing when he died? Megan Marshak, Rockefeller’s mistress, would probably know. Marshak did not call 911 when Rockefeller had a heart attack. She called her friend who did the dirty work for her.


2. John F. Kennedy:

No one to this day knows who killed J.F.K. in 1963. Lee Harvey Oswald, the person held in connection to the shooting, was fatally wounded before he could present any evidence. Conspiracy theories also link Oswald to all groups who wanted to see J.F.K dead. In the three-years after Lee Harvey Oswald and JFK mysterious deaths, 18 material witnesses died .  6 of them died by gunfire, 3 were involved in motor accidents, 2 committed suicide, 1 died from a cut throat, another died from from a karate chop to the neck, 3 had died from heart attacks and 2 from natural causes.


3. Felix Faure:

Faure was the President of France from 1895 up until his death in 1899. He was engaging in oral sex with a mistress in his office when suffered apoplexy. Marguerite Steinheil became known as the funeral pomp or the funeral pump to the French. The sexual activity (oral sex) is something that the French hypothesize; there are no true or reliable facts.


4. Shikhali Gurbanov:

Can you really trust your dentist? This statesman and writer got killed while at his dentists. Cyanide acid was injected into him. The dentist was never found. This all happened shortly before Gurbanov was to be elected First Secretary of Azerbaijan Communist Party.


5. Atilla the Hun:

This man was the ruler of the Huns right up until his death. He was able to cross the Danube and defeat the Baltics. Although he was a great military warrior in history books, he was no combatant when it came to the bedroom. He died while engaging in sexual activity with his partner on their wedding night. What caused this great leader to die so quickly? Mystery was never unraveled.


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