Top Ten Tips To Prevent Hacking

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6. Make sure the data you store is secured by encrypting the same. You can also use MySQL database to store data in a secure way rather than storing them as a simple text file. Hackers tend to sniff your site space for any available data, which can be of any use to them. For example, if you get user’s email id’s and store them as a simple text. It becomes an easy job for the hacker to take that list and use it for malicious activities. So to encrypt and store them is always better and safe.


7. Always make sure to clear the cookies. Cookies can be place where the hackers can get valuable information such as user id, account number etc. Might be only once you used a public computer to do that important transaction, but you might find yourself in trouble because of that. So it is always better to clear the cookies whenever you make use of any public café to do urgent work.


8. Keep away from scams and spam websites, it is always good. Sometimes we tend to extend our search to sites that are popular not in the right way. By doing this not so threatening act, may invite the attention of unwanted customers that can lead to nothing but trouble.


9. Installation of third party scripts in your website should be avoided or, a thorough validation has to be performed before doing so. If you don’t understand the script then you can always seek for advice form community forums like digital-point or site-point. Knowing what they can do will help you understand the need of the scripts.


10. Lastly it is the prevention of comment attacks, a common means of hacking blogs and community sites. The usage of comments can increase the interaction between the author and the reader, so this becomes one of the needed features in blogs. But this can be used to cause trouble by using simple scripts. So, making sure the comments are validated before accepting them can be useful means to keep you off hacking issues.


The above discussed are some of the common tips to prevent hacking. With technology reaching great heights day by day, hackers can come up with more deadly methods to cause trouble. But one shouldn’t forget that the same technology can be used to prevent those techniques and make things secure.


This proves just one thing; technology when used for right cause, can take you great heights but can make you fall, if you try the reverse.


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