Top Ten Rugby Teams in the World

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Ruby is one of the most loved and watched sports in the world. Unlike other sports, it is a physical game and requires strength and stamina. Despite that, the love for then game has grown in leaps and bounds as tens of thousands of people still flock to watch the circuit series wherever they are happening. Discussed herein are the world’s top ten rugby teams. The list is not a fabrication, as it reflects that if the IRB (International Rugby Board)


1. New Zealand

The New Zealand National Rugby Team, also fondly known as the All Blacks amongst rugby fans, is by no doubt the best there is in the world. Having won the most national records against other national teams, it has commanded the respect it deserves. A rugby fan in your country may not know the pet name of the national team, but for sure he must know the All Blacks. In fact, when pitted against any national team, the opponent seems to always shiver in their boots. The first All Blacks team to compete in a rugby match was in 1883 against the New South Wales. They would have to wait until 1903 to compete in their first international rugby match against Austria. Since then, there has been no looking back and has earned the position as the number one national sport in New Zealand. What makes All Blacks the best of the best? Out of the 443 matches that they have played, they have won 330 games. This feat makes them the most successful rugby team in the globe. It has been named as the team of the year three times since 2005. The All Blacks has also been made famous because of the Haka dance prior to every match.


2. South Africa

The South Africa National Team, the best of the best in Africa is the second on the list. In the rugby arena, it is fondly known as the Springboks. The Springboks first international rugby match can be dated way to back in 1891. At the time, the British Isles rugby team was on a tour of South Africa. However, it was only in the 20th century when the love for rugby grew such that at a time of war between the Boer and British, there was a cease fire in order to allow for Boer and British armed forces to play. Their first tour was in 1906 when they toured the British Isle and France. After the inauguration of Rugby World Cup, they were eliminated from participation twice, consecutively due to the South Africa Apartheid Laws. Nonetheless, the tides changed in 1995 when it became put of the competition and went ahead to host the tournament. The high of the game was they beat New Zealand All Blacks, the most revered team 15 – 12 to lift the trophy for the first time. The same feat would be achieved in 2007 when they beat England, becoming the only second team in history to win Rugby World Cup twice.


3. Australia

The Australian National Rugby Team is also known as the Wallabies and is regarded as ‘crème dela crème’ of the rugby fraternity. It has a rich history that spans for generations. Every year they take part in the tri-nations tournament, pitted against New Zealand and South Africa. Australia was one of the founding nations that formed Rugby World Cup and co-hosted the first World Cup with New Zealand. It rugby playing years can be dated back to 1883 when it toured overseas playing several teams amongst them New Zealand. Their greatest achievement was in 1984 when they became the first team in history to attain grand slam after beating all the leading names in European Rugby on a single tour. It has taken part in all Rugby World Cups and holds the best record than other participating nations. Other than South Africa, they have also won the World Cup twice, in 1991 and 1999. They are revered in the game because of their best defense strategies and ball holding possession.


4. Argentina

Los Pumas, as the Argentina National Team is fondly known as, is a force to recon with in game of rugby. Its initial international test was in 1910 when the British Isles who toured their nation. It is ranked as the best team in America even though the game is not worshiped as soccer. But, their successes in the Rugby World Cups have earned them respect amongst the masses and its following has increased. Its major set back has been the geographical positioning, which denies it the much needed publicity. It has not really had much success in the World Cup as it has always been eliminated in the early stages.


5. Wales

The Wales National Rugby Team was created way back in 1881 and in the same year played their initial test pitted against England. They have a checkered history in rugby that spans through 18th and 19th centuries. During these periods they have generated some of the best rugby players in the history of the game, for example, J.P.R Williams and Gareth Edwards. They have participated in every Six Nation tournament and have lifted the trophy 24 times, second to the English Team which has the most wins. Whereas they have participated in all World Cups, their performance has been dismal on a platform that matters the most. It was only in 1987 when they managed to reach the semifinal stage of the competition against New Zealand. Nonetheless, their game has improved since and has managed to produce stiff competition against major leading teams.


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