Top 10 Lowest Fat Consuming Countries

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6. Madagascar:

Pitcairn Islands, Madagascar

Madagascar consumes 27g of fat. Almost 80% of its population live in rural areas. Conditions have worsened with recent years. It is thus not surprising that their diets are not balanced.


7. Malawi:

Malawi consumes 29g of fat. As of 2009, 74% of the population live below the income poverty line of $1.25 USD a day. Households are at times large, but food and resources remain scarce.


8. Eritrea:

Eritrea consumes 31g of fat. This country has struggled to find its economic footing in the world since its independence. It’s a small country that is desperate for stability. They rely heavily on livestock crops and fishing.


9. Haiti:

Haiti consumes 31g of fat. Food insecurities and poverty are chronic issues in the country. With the earthquake that hit in January of 2010, things are not looking good. The country is one of the poorest in the Western Hemisphere.


10. Laos:


Laos consumes 31g of fat. The country is however improving. They are taking drastic measures to eradicate poverty. The poverty line has shrunk from 46 to 33% between 1992 and 2003. Eating will hopefully be not an issue for the population in Laos.


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