Top 10 Worst Sitcoms Of 1990s And 2000s

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6. My Big Fat Greek Life (2003):

The sitcom served as a continuation to the hit movie, My Big Fat Greek Wedding. Viewers had a hard time following the sitcom as things changed from names of characters, to jobs characters were doing to children they had. Things were not being viewed in chronological order, which made viewers’ heads spin. The show thus ran for only 7 episodes.


7. Bob Patterson (2001):

The show revolves around a motivational speaker who is popular in the United States. USA Today was right to point out that some of the sitcom’s jokes were out of date, especially those about Monica Lewinsky. Alexander’s jokes were not as funny as they were on Seinfeld. Thus the sitcom failed after 5 episodes.


8. Gary Unmarried (2009):

Try imagining a male version of The New Adventures of the Old Christine. The show was known to be poorly written and had story-lines which lacked meaning and existence. Many viewers like myself had a hard time following the sitcom and its dry sense of humor. It was dumped after 2 seasons.


9. Get a Life (1990):

How many times can you watch the protagonist in a sitcom die and not get bored? Chris Peterson, the main character, died 12 times on the show. It was meant to be funny and had potential but I believe the 12 times Chris died was a bit too much and beyond bizarre. It was cancelled after 35 episodes.


10. 8 Rules for Dating My Teenage Daughter (2002):

The show was excellent when John Ritter was on it. When John Ritter died and the show decided to bring in David Space, the sitcom lost meaning. It was not the same again and it was not as funny. People were still wondering why it was called 8 Rules for Dating my Teenage Daughter. It should have been cancelled right after Ritter died.


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