Top 10 Reasons Why Sheila Copps Cannot Revive The Liberal Party

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Sheila Copps is 1 of 4 candidates, running for the role of President of the Liberal Party. Many Liberals believe she is the hope of the party, who can spark interest, rebuild internal operations and entice new members. I think she would have the opposite effect for the following 10 reasons. This is despite the fact that she has the energy and the experience.


1. Back to the future:

Many critics of Copps believe she represents the back-to-the-future for the party and that she is just a pawn who is working for Bob Rae and his candidacy for leader of the Liberal Party.


2. Past:

Copps is someone who has a long history with the liberal party. As Jim Karygiannis stated, she is not a new face. She furthermore was involved in scandals which led her to lose her job. In order for the party to move forward and rebuild, they need to distance themselves from the past. This means distancing from Sheila Copps.


3. Unliked:

She is not liked by her peers and co-workers. During her political career she was heckled by the PC Party of Canada in parliament. MP John Crosby was one quoted as saying, “Just quiet down, baby” in response to a question in 1985. Her feud with Crosby was ongoing, leading many to view her as a woman of scandal.


4. Canadian nationalism:

This too created a bad image for Copps which may not work to her favour in reviving the Liberal Party. She had largely unsuccessful campaigns in 1990 which sought to keep American magazines from running “split-run” Canadian editions. She gave 10,000s of Canadian Flags to show her support for Canadian Nationalism, which cost tax payers, $45/flag. Necessary?


5. Fired:

She lost her job as Deputy Minister in the 1997 election. She never gained strength after that. This was a damaging move to her career.


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