Top 10 Countries to Ban Cell Phone Use While Driving

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This list examines the first countries to have banned cell phone usage while driving. When using a hand-held cell phone, drivers remove one hand from the steering wheel to answer their phones. They also take their eyes off the road to pick up and/or search for the phone and to dial a number. This all happens while the driver is operating the vehicle and watching the roads.


1. Jersey:

The ban was enacted in February of 1998. Like Isle of Man, it is another British crown dependency. It has its own legal and financial systems as well.


2. Denmark:

Policy was enacted in July of 1998. Handheld equipment is still allowed. Anyone caught will be fined 300 krons.


3. Japan

Japan is much stricter than most countries. It will not allow drivers to even utilize hands-free devices to speak while driving. The ban has been in place since July of 1999.


4. Isle of Man

The law was enforced in July of 2000. This island is a British dependency which is located on the Irish Sea. This law comes into place in a country where there is no national speed limit…well except in built areas.


5. Czech Republic:

Policy was enacted in January of 2001. This affects all those who utilize handheld equipment while driving.


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