Top 10 Teenagers that Murdered Their Parents

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Nothing is more shocking than a child killing a parent or even a step parent. There are no stereotypes to fit a teenage murderer. Many of the teenagers look innocent and you would never think they were responsible for the most horrid events.


1. Tyler Hadley:

Hadley, 17, used a framing hammer to kill his parents in July of 2011. He covered both the bodies with clothes and continued to invite his friends on Facebook over for a party. No motive has been established yet. No one even knows if Tyler killed his parents before or after the party began. Police were going on an anonymous tip about the murder.


2. Joseph Lyle Menendez & Eric Galen Menendez:

These two brothers were convicted for killing their wealthy and affluent parents in 1989 with a shotgun. The murder occurred in the den of the family’s Beverly Hills home. The father, a wealthy entertainment executive, was shot point blank in the back of the head. The mother, Kitty Menendez was shot in the leg, arms, chest and face several times. Following the deaths of the parents, the brothers lived a lavish life, spending money on a Mercedes-Benz and a Rolex watch.


3. Sarah Johnson:

Johnson, 16, lived in Idaho with both her parents. On September 2, 2003, Johnson killed her sleeping mother in the head and her father (who was in the shower) in the chest and right above the heart. She proceeded to go to the neighbour’s house, reporting that her parents were murdered. When police arrived, they saw a discarded gun/weapon in the trash can. On the weapon was Sarah Johnson’s DNA.


4. Morgan Moore:

This 17 year old was indicted on two counts of first degree murder and arson. He and his friend Chase Vinson murdered the former’s parents. It is alleged that Moore asked for Vinson’s assistance in killing his parents on more than one occasion. Moore is expected to be tried as an adult. This crime carries a life sentence.


5. Adam Sapikowski:

In 2006, Sapikowski murdered both his parents and left their bodies inside the home for two weeks. Adam was 17 at the time and planned to go camping after the murder. The only reason he did not go was because a female friend passed on the opportunity. He was sentenced to at least 20 years in prison.


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