Top 10 Celebrities Who’ve Been To The Loony Bin

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Celebrities are known to check into the mental hospital when something does not go their way. Many of the following celebrities suffer from bi polar disorder, while others suffer from anxiety and stress. There are also exceptional cases where a few celebrities committed themselves due to a traumatic experience.


1. Mischa Barton:

In July of 2009, Barton was photographed looking out the window of the Psych Ward in Cedars-Sinai Hospital in Beverly Hills. She was put under 72 hour surveillance after an attempted suicide on July 15, 2009.


2. Marc Mervinsky:

In March of 2011, Show Biz Spy reported that Chelsea Clinton’s husband was having a mental breakdown. Since he quit his banking job to ski in Wyoming, things have gone sour for the guy. He was further troubled over the fact that he had to break ties with his father (a convict) because of the Clinton family.


3. Delta Burke:

In March of 2008, Burke had reportedly checked herself into a psychiatric hospital for depression and obsessive compulsive disorder. In a TMZ TV interview she found that hoarding had ruined her life. According to Huffington Post, she checks herself regularly into a psych ward to adjust her medication.


4. Justin Chambers:

This Grey’s Anatomy Star checked himself recently into the UCLA Medical Centre and specifically into the psych ward. A rep confirmed that was the case. Chambers is a father of 5 who suffered from exhaustion and a sleeping disorder. He committed himself voluntarily.


5. Catherine Zeta Jones:

In April of 2011, Zeta-Jones was admitted to Silver Hill psych hospital. She was there for 5 days and was treated for bipolar disorder. She suffered from stress over her husband’s (Michael Douglas) battle with cancer. She checked in under the name Terrie Kirny.


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