Top 10 Hottest Cities In The World

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Most cities occasionally do get smog advisories during the summers (wherever applicable). Many cities have consistent and extreme cases of heat alerts. Here are just 10 cities which hit the record.


1. Kuwait City, Kuwait:

The average temperature this city is 46.9 °C. It was the subject to Time Magazine’s article “Extreme Heat: 10 Worldwide Spots With Tough Temperatures”. Best time to visit the city is during March, April, October and November when temperatures are between 20 °C and 30°C.


2. Ahwaz, Iran:

This city in Kuwait has an average high of 46.8 °C. The temperatures are more extreme in this city as opposed to Kuwait City. The hottest month ever was July 2000 when temperatures reached 48.1 °C (average).


3. Jizan City, Saudia Arabia:

This is a port city on the Red Sea cost. It has a population of little less than 2 million. The temperatures are consistently hot throughout the year. From April through to October temperatures average around 30 °C and 40°C.


4. Bangkok, Thailand:

This is a city that faces extreme air pollution which causes smog. The pollution is known to trap hot air with the city, causing extreme humidity. The temperatures are on average 40°C and stay that way throughout the day. November to February is known to be the driest time of the year, yet the most visited as well. Although the average temperatures are around 29°C, the temperatures are known to rise to 39°C.


5. Aziziya, Libya:

This city recorded a whopping 57.8°C on September 13, 1922. The city is located in the Sahara Desert, the largest in the world and the driest.


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  • Steve

    Interesting article. But it would have made more sense to me if the temps were given in normal American measurement, not those communist “C’s.” What am I supposed to do, run this through a conversion tool just to make it relevant to me here in the land of “F?”? Too much work!

  • gray man

    big deal,
    I lived in Yuma, Arizona, USA for several years and the temp would get to 120 F during the summer.

  • PaulTheCabDriver

    Yeah, right! Go ahead and leave Phoenix AZ off the list! Sixth largest city in the United States with average daily temperatures in summer of more than 38o, which is 100o Fahrenheit, for those who went to American public schools.
    I run a taxi service here in Phoenix, and believe me the summers are much hotter than those in Las Vegas. In fact, many folk from here go to Vegas to COOL OFF!!

  • srj

    mark u r crappy f system makes no sense Cel at lest makes sense . communist?????

  • SSS

    Hajj is performed at least once in a lifetime not once in a year.
    and why is the second city (Ahwaz) talking about Kuwait?

  • Ahwazi

    Both the picture and the description of Ahwaz is wrong. Ahwaz (also written as Ahvaz) is in Iran not Kuwait. And that’s a picture of a mosque in Kuwait

  • Miguel Meza

    Yeah Right. Mexicali,BC Mexico and Yuma,AZ USA should be on this list.

  • Hannah

    What about Perth, Western Australia? Our average temperature for summer is over 40C And 46.9C is our highest.

  • CC

    C and F only make sense where you live because that’s where you grew up and learned it and C is not communist. and Hanna, That’s sometimes get’s that way in Kansas in the summer. Dry Heat most of the time.

  • David

    It says in here that the 9th city that is the hottest in the world is Las Vegas. The only city in the U.S.A. That however is wrong! I lived in Palm Springs, CA. which is in Death Valley. Here in Las Vegas it says that the record high was 46.7°Celcius however in Palm Springs durring the summer it normally get up to 48.889° Celcius & the highest day when I lived there it was 56.667°Celcius. Las Vegas is much cooler than Palm Springs, CA.

  • Jose Maria Rodriguez

    You forgot Mexicali, Mexico ,with a record high of 58 C, and average temperatures in July and August of 47 – 50 C