Top 10 Worst Songs by the Who

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6. Rael:

Rael was one of the songs in the album The Who Sings My Generation. The song is considered a dull and short opera like rock song. This song was featured towards the end of the album which makes me feel like it was a filler.


7. The Song Is Over:

The Who finally got away from the short opera like rock songs. The album Who’s Next was awesome, lively. You could feel the spirit of many of the songs. I could not feel the song, “The Song is Over”. The song was originally supposed to be part of the ending of Lifehouse movie. I still cannot understand why he is singing to wide open spaces when the song is over.


8. It’s a Boy:

The song begins as a story of a birth of a boy. The song was too short and could have done better. The song could have been more effective given the many commonalities between Tommy and Pete Townshend’s earlier projects.


9. Cousin Kevin:

This song was written to provide the darker side of Tommy. Again, the blind, deaf and dumb lyrics are being used to describe Tommy, as if a put down. The song was not really strong. Emphasis could have been added to bullying.


10. Man without Money:

The song could have been a success, but to be honest should not have been a cover song for the album A Quick One (Happy Jack). The meaning of the song was mixed.


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