Top 10 Jobs in Increasing Demand

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As the new era dawns on 21st century, jobs change. The roles people played during the industrial and post-industrial eras have also changed. We are now entering into the advanced era of information technology. Given this, here are 10 jobs in increasing demand.


1. Nursing:

With Baby Boomers now on the verge of retirement, there is a larger need for nurses to take care of them. The shortage of nurses is also not helped by the increasing population in developed and developing countries.


2. PSW:

Personal Support Workers are an integral part of the extended care team. They support the doctors, nurses and other medical professionals in their daily duties. Furthermore they assist with the personal care needs of the elderly, the chronically ill and people with physical disabilities in long-term care units and facilities and in select ambulatory care settings.


3. Doctors in Third World Countries/War Torn Areas:

Doctors without Borders allow doctors to work in developing and third world countries. The organization tries to ensure that humanitarian assistance is possible whenever and wherever.

On a different note, there is a brain drain inside many third world countries like Zimbabwe. Many doctors move to European countries, like Britain, decreasing the amount of doctors on per capita basis.


4. Computer Programmers:

Technology is changing and so is the way we think and do things. For example, within recent years, focus has shifted from Adobe Flash to HTML5. HTML5 is dominating the world of information technology. This comes after Apple and Google endorsed the language.


5. Early Childhood Educators (E.C.E.s)

In Canada, especially Ontario, schools are transforming to the Full Day model. Before Full Day Kindergarten classrooms were implemented, there were alternative day programs and am/pm programs with only 1 kindergarten teacher. Full day programs will include E.C.Es, giving them a boost in publically funded jobs.


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