Top 10 Fascinating Cases of Theft

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6. Dumpster Diving:

This is quite popular and many do find great items in trash cans, especially when desperate. In the case of Tennant Company v. Advance Machine Company (1985), the owner of the contents inside the dumpster was awarded $500,000 in damages. This was after someone stole and made use of the customer list he threw out into the dumpster.


7. Cable Thieves:

Glasglow was in blackout in November of 2011. This blackout was not caused by a malfunction. It was rather caused by cable thieves who steal copper cables. 50,000 homes were affected.


8. Jewelry Theft:

The Duchess of Windsor`s apartment was ransacked in October of 1946. Jewelry was taken as well as other valuables. Those valuables were later spread throughout a golf course. Between $80,000 to $100,000 of gems were reportedly taken.


9. TJ Maxx and Barnes & Noble:

11 people were held in connection to debit and credit fraud at this store in Texas in 2008. The cost of theft was around $40 million. Agents were from China, Ukraine, Turkey, USA and Germany.


10. Harry Potter Theft:

There was a case of copyright theft. J.K. Rowlings sued the Harry Potter Lexicon. The Lexicon was using Voldemort`s name to write.


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